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About Skytrail

An established strategic alliance with easyJet

Since 2015, Skytrail has been the only approved commercial partner for easyJet aircraft charters and series seats, offering direct access to one of Europe’s premier airlines. With Operating Certificates for GB, EU and Swiss air space, easyJet aircraft travel freely across European routes, fully supported by the airline’s operational infrastructure.

Managing easyJet’s Series Seats and Aircraft Charter bookings, Skytrail is the link between the airline and tour operators, cruise companies, and charter brokers, ensuring swift, efficient bookings, and offering the financial security of dealing with one of Europe’s leading carriers.

Our relationship with the airline is testament to our integrity as a company and the professionalism of our team. As a valued extension to the airline’s in-house sales team, easyJet recognises our commitment to high quality standards, accuracy, efficient processes and reliability.


Series Seats

Aircraft Charter

Sole approved partner for easyJet Series Seat Sales:

  • Over 1,000 routes
  • 36 countries
  • 155 airports
  • Aircraft seat capacity of 156, 186 or 235
  • 29 European bases

Skytrail’s OPTO system connects tour operators with easyJet to make block booking easy

  • Revolutionise series seat booking process
  • Seamlessly integrated
  • User-friendly
  • Optimise control and visibility

Seamless series seat booking solutions

Our partnership with easyJet isn’t about transactions. It’s about crafting seamless travel experiences by combining easyJet’s reliability and expansive route network with Skytrail’s expertise and personalised service.

The only approved partner for easyJet Aircraft Charters:

  • Direct access to easyJet’s fleet of 336 aircraft
  • Tailored aircraft charters
  • Serving tour operators, cruise companies and charter brokers

Benefits of booking with Skytrail and easyJet:

  • Secure charters swiftly and efficiently
  • Enjoy flexibility backed by easyJet’s renowned standards
  • Reliable bookings thanks to easyJet’s extensive fleet
  • Streamlined process with our OPTO booking system
  • easyJet’s Airbus 320 aircraft are one of Europe’s youngest and greenest fleets

Our partnership with easyJet extends beyond collaboration. It’s a testament to our shared values of excellence, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

easyJet Network

Skytrail provides a vast array of options to meet your program’s requirements.


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Book easyJet series seats or aircraft charters

Through extensive accumulated experience, our expert team can source the necessary capacity with easyJet, aligning with your travel itinerary and airport preferences.

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