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Airline series seats

Our in-depth knowledge of tour operators and cruise companies series seat booking requirements means you get perfect flights, fit for your program.

Skytrail’s established partnerships with major airlines opens up a world of opportunity for our customers. Whether sourcing a few seats a week or thousands over a whole season, we can offer you the very best options to match your specific requirements.

We always deliver on customer service

With a dedicated team of territory specialists and strategic partnerships, Skytrail has unparalleled access to a vast route network and aircraft fleet to facilitate exceptional outcomes. With a reputation for outstanding customer service and unwavering support, we are well on our way to becoming the industry leader in series seats and aircraft charter services.

OPTO simplifies the booking process

Skytrail’s OPTO system
simplifies the
booking process

OPTO is Skytrail’s bespoke booking system for fast, efficient series seat and aircraft charter bookings. Unique to Skytrail, OPTO allows for the seamless integration of tour and cruise operator booking systems to streamline flight reservations while securing the
best price for your customers.

We offer the entire market…

Skytrail has established partnerships with major airlines to provide entire market coverage for our clients. From all major UK airports to key European and international destinations throughout the year, we offer reliable series seat and charter packages for any occasion.

While our comprehensive database provides real-time access to flight availability, Skytrail also benefits from close working relationships with all major airlines – giving us the opportunity to offer tailored (often exclusive) solutions.

Booking partner

An established strategic alliance with easyJet

Skytrail has been a trusted easyJet partner since 2015. 
This long-standing relationship is built on mutual respect, an unremitting dedication to the airline industry, and our abiding commitment to optimise the customer experience.

Together with our joint knowledge and expertise, we can navigate challenges, seize opportunities and achieve shared goals.

Your dedicated team

Your dedicated team

Through extensive accumulated experience, our expert team can source the necessary capacity with your chosen airline, aligning with your travel itinerary and airport preferences.

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Contact our consultants for booking advice, route recommendations or to make reservations. Our real-time booking system can quickly identify suitable travel options and secure seats to your specifications.