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Aircraft charter

Unmatched choice, seamless booking:
Commercial aircraft charters

Aircraft charter specialists

Skytrail’s access to an extensive aircraft fleet and network of routes means we are able to cater to almost any commercial aircraft charter need. Our professional chartering service is perfect for tour operators, cruise companies, and charter brokers, giving you the flexibility to choose from hundreds of airports and thousands of seats.

Skytrail aircraft charters also benefit from the reliability that comes with the backing of our premier partner airlines, including easyJet and British Airways. Our bespoke OPTO booking system simplifies the aircraft charter booking process for a seamless experience, enabling you to secure suitable charter capacity to meet you and your clients’ needs.

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Skytrail is the only approved partner for easyJet aircraft charters and series seats. We manage the business on a day-to-day basis, co-ordinating bookings between the airline and valued customers.

Market Options

Entire market options

Skytrail has established partnerships with major airlines to provide entire market coverage for our clients. From all major UK airports to key European and international destinations throughout the year, we offer reliable series seats and charter packages for any occasion – and at any time.

While our comprehensive database provides real-time access to flight availability, Skytrail also benefits from close working relationships with all major airlines – giving us the opportunity to offer tailored (often exclusive) solutions.

About Skytrail

As the only approved partner for easyJet, as well as a preferred partner for British Airways, we have access to an extensive network of routes and aircraft, while our bespoke OPTO booking system simplifies the aircraft charter and series seats booking process for a seamless experience.

About Skytrail
Meet the Skytrail team

Your dedicated team

Through extensive accumulated experience, our expert team can source the necessary capacity with your chosen airline, aligning with your travel itinerary and airport preferences.

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Contact our consultants for booking advice, route recommendations, out to make reservations. Our real-time booking system can quickly identify suitable travel options and secure seats to your specifications.