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Skytrail’s OPTO system
simplifies the booking process

OPTO is a central component of Skytrail’s process which sits between your system and the airline’s internal booking system. Following the initial setup, you continue your business as usual and we take care of all the series seat or aircraft charter bookings for you.

Transform block bookings

Developed by Skytrail to transform Series Seats and Aircraft Charter bookings

Created exclusively by Skytrail, OPTO enables the smooth integration of tour and cruise operator booking systems, streamlining series seats or aircraft charters while integrating with airline systems.

OPTO connects, providing seamless integration

OPTO is Skytrail’s bespoke booking system for series seats and aircraft charter bookings. Benefits include:

  • Fast, efficient booking
  • Compatible with multiple booking systems
  • Optimised for single or group reservations
  • Customer status update within two hours
  • Multiple integration options including API and portal
OPTO connects

OPTO makes booking easy for our customers

At Skytrail, we understand the importance of tailored solutions and our bespoke interface demonstrates our commitment to a personalised service. OPTO is a bespoke booking system that facilitates efficient, flexible flight bookings with access to airline schedules and available capacity for greater choice and customer satisfaction.

This intuitive system allows us to quickly source aircraft for last minute or advanced reservations for aircraft charters for commercial or private clients with specific time and travel requirements – for customers in the entertainment industry or professional athletes, for example.

OPTO is optimised for single and block group booking requests from travel, tour, and cruise operators to ensure seamless connections for customers.

The interface is compatible with multiple booking systems and integration options, allowing streamlined access to partner airline route and aircraft schedules. This means we can quickly and easily secure series seats for your customers to their desired location.

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Contact our consultants for booking advice, route recommendations, out to make reservations. Our real-time booking system can quickly identify suitable travel options and secure seats to your specifications.