Approved partner for easyJet Series Seats

We are the approved partner for easyJet Series Seat Sales

Approved Partner for easyJet

Get the regular easyJet series seat you need.

As the approved partner for easyJet, we can provide the regular series seat service you need.


The seats you need with easyJet

Using easyJet’s extensive aircraft database, we can source the aircraft capacity you need, providing the right easyJet solution to match your programme requirements and timescales. 

  • Approved Partner for easyJet
  • Get the Series Seats you need, on the easyJet route you need
  • Series Seats that meets your programme requirements


Our longstanding relationship with the Skytrail team is built on quality, trust and excellent customer service. With them we know agents can access the easyJet service they need. That's why Skytrail are an easyJet approved partner.

This service may be right for you if your requirement is for

Corporate Travel
Cruise Companies
Music & Film
Tour Operators

Benefits of using Skytrail

We have a wealth of experience and can help a wide range of companies and individuals. Whoever you are, if you need to fly, we can help you

Approved Partner for easyJet

Series Seats that meets your programme requirements

20 seats a week and up, across a season

Series Seats on the easyJet route you need

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At Skytrail we always do our best to build longstanding and trusting relationships with our clients. Regardless of requirement and complexity, we aim to provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for our customers and endeavour to offer the very best options available.

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