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With the airline and travel industries having recovered to pre-pandemic levels, 2024 is expected to be a bumper year for European destinations. However, as passenger numbers increase, travel, tour and cruise operators would benefit from optimised booking procedures for series seat reservations and whole plane charters on busy flight routes, particularly at peak times.

To help realise these benefits, Skytrail has developed a system that underpins all its processes, enabling fast, accurate and efficient bookings.

Developed exclusively by Skytrail, OPTO streamlines series seat allocation and aircraft charter bookings, integrating seamlessly with various booking systems used by tour operators and cruise companies. OPTO acts as a central component that bridges the gap between a tour operator’s system and airline booking systems.

OPTO’s ability to interpret data from various external booking systems is the key to its efficiency. When requests are submitted, OPTO converts the data received from external booking software into a format compatible with the airlines’ systems for fast, accurate bookings.

Streamlined booking process

OPTO simplifies the booking process, eliminating the need for manual data entry and streamlining communication between tour operators and airlines. Booking agents receive prompt responses, allowing them to provide exceptional service to their customers.

In this way, the system simplifies the booking process, enabling operators to keep anxious customers informed, and transmit travel itineraries as soon as they are available.

Tailored solutions with OPTO

Skytrail’s OPTO system represents a paradigm shift in the way series seat allocations are managed in the travel industry. By leveraging advance technology and fostering strong partnerships with airlines, Skytrail continues to lead the way in delivering exceptional service and efficiency.

From manual uploads via the portal to API integration, OPTO offers multiple options to suit varying levels of technological sophistication and budget. Skytrail would be happy to discuss your booking preferences with you and develop a bespoke integration that suits your business model and customer needs.